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Add a touch of glamor to your next event with holographic wristbands that shimmer and sparkle in the light. Similar in construction to plastic wristbands, holographic wristbands are made of metallic tri-laminate material that is water and tear resistant. Due to their durability and strength, they are capable of lasting days on end and are perfect for high-security multi-day or week-long festivals or celebrations. They feature locking one-time use plastic snaps that prevent guests from sharing wristbands, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized guests from entering.

Our holographic wristbands are available in a variety of different designs, including glitter, stars, and confetti designs, and a wide breadth of eye-catching, bright colors. Our Kaleidoscope design features two pull-off tabs that can be printed on or numbered for redemption of food, drinks, rides, or raffles. We also offer holographic wristbands in pre-designed patriotic patterns and themes.

Nothing says VIP louder than special holographic wristbands with unique sparkling colors. If you’re looking to elevate your guest experience while increasing branding and security, consider customizing your plastic holographic wristbands with your logo and event information. If your event has sponsors, you can also add your sponsor’s logo and branding, allowing the wristband to generate additional revenue for your event.