Promote Safety & Peace of Mind
with Screening Wristbands

  • Make visible identification part of your reopening strategy
  • Screen employees and guests prior to entry
  • Show guests you're doing your part to ensure their safety

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Colored Wristbands for Screening & Triage

Available in Tyvek that's economical and tear-resistant with a tamper-evident adhesive closure or in Plastic for increased durability.

COVID-19 Pre-Printed Colored Wristbands

Pre-printed COVID-19 colored wristbands are designed to support your triage and screening protocols. They come in multiple color options to allow you to rotate colors by days or to color-code groups of patients.

COVID-19 Pre-Printed Colored Labels

Pre-printed labels come in a vibrant green color to easily identify specimens and assist in your screening protocols.

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