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Nike Drops Fuelband Despite Good Receptions by Market

It looks exotic. The LED is very technological advanced as a 21th century device. It also works well with Nike's visions of future wearable device of sporting technology. Yet Nike’s experiment with a wrist-based fitness computer seems to be in   peril, if not completely doomed.

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Iphone Manufacturer Introduces Smart Wristband

Foxconn Technology Group, the ­Taiwanese electronics giant who manufacturers  Apple’s Iphone and other gadgets, reportedly revealed its new wristband at its annual ­shareholders meeting this week.

The wristband can measure blood ­pressure and ­heart rate, and will share   that data with a nearby, paired ­smartphone, and via the phone with the   owner’s healthcare provider or social networks.

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Harvard Medical School Created NFC Wristbands to Minister Medication of Patients

Harvard Medical School's teaching affiliate Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) has developed an NFC system aimed at making it easier for nurses to track and administer each patient's medication.

The new bedside system uses a combination of Google Nexus 7 NFC devices, which run the new application and store details of each   patient and their prescribed medications, and NFC tags attached to   patient wristbands, medication packages and employee ID badges....[Read More]

Which One of These Fitness Wristbands is Right For You?

There are four major players in the fitness wristband business now:   FitBit, Jawbone, Nike, and Basis. They’re jockeying prices and features to get your dollars, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.   That’s why we’ve created the chart below to help you take the leap...[Read More]

Organize Your Basketball March Madness Party Safely with Wristbands

March madness has finally arrived and universities across the country are excited to cheer on their home team in hopes of winning the annual basketball tournmanet of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). If your college or university is hosting any type of March Madness event, you will want to stock up on quality wristbands from to ensure guests have paid and are kept track of. If a March Madness game is going to take place at one of your university’s gymnasiums, expect large crowds who will need to have their identification verified upon entrance. Fraternities and sororities may also host parties where they view the March Madness games on a big screen television at their organization’s house. Booster clubs and other student-related groups may host similar types of parties to raise donations for a university sports program or other charitable cause. Sports bars should also stock up on wristbands for March Madness, as crowds are sure to flock to their favorite spot to watch the March Madness games while sipping on an ice cold beer....[Read More]

Lost & Find Me Introduces New Wristbands to Locate Lost People, Pets or Other Valuable Items

Lost and Find Me is launching a new product which is designed to help find lost people, pets and other valuable items. The technology behind it is QR Code....[Read More]

Congressman is Asking Disney MagicBand Data Collection Practice

It does not take long for a Congressman from Massachussetts to ask questions about Disney's intention to use wristbands to collect data. Edward J. Markey questioned Disney CEO, Robert A. Iger in a letter on what information the theme park will collect and how the data will be used. According to Edward, the concern of this system is the information about children. Disney should not market to Children directly. Parents are the guidance of the children and all marketing communication must also be relayed and approved by parents....[Read More]

 Disney is Tracking Visitors with Wireless Wristbands

It won't be called Magicband, if it does not work like magic for Disney. The "MagicBands" is linked to the visitors' credit cards, which will also work as your room key, parking entry ticket and other identification amenities. In fact, it allows you to pay your hotdog from the stands....[Read More]

Nike+FuelBand is Sparkling the Fitness World with Wristband Gadget

The Nike+FuelBand is a new Gadget, similar to Jawbone Up, which allows the users to monitor their activities and shares the results to their friends via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Path...[Read More]

Jawbone Up Wristband Failed Last Year, Now It Gets in Shape with New Apps

Jawbone Up is a wristband which works with smartphone app that tracks your wellness, activities and reports them to your friends via Facebook. Backed by a $120 million venture funding, it’s an all-in bet that Jawbone wristbands can help solve the problem of our declining fitness--not to mention crack the sleep-aid and weigh-loss markets, which are worth nearly $80 billion combined....[Read More]

RFID Wristband is Taking Center Stage at the International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON)

IMFCON is the largest international organization representing today's music festival market. Industry experts will have the opportunity to personally experience PDC's Smart Band(R) RFID Wristband System in an interactive, live demonstration with Intellitix's access control system and social media technology...[Read More]

What to do with LIVESTRONG Wristbands Now?

Some people suggested to erase the "v" on the LIVE to become LIE. Others added additional words " TO WIN" to become "LIE STRONG TO WIN". The latest "overwhelming" evidence produced by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency forced Armstrong to decide it was time to step down as chairman of this charity he founded 15 years ago. Nike was one of several who dropped him as a corporate sponsor quicker than a chain coming off a sprocket...[Read More]

Larklife Wristbands - Another Gadget for Your Healthy Lifestyle

In this day and age, a huge part of our society are obsessed with achieving certain goals very quickly and with minimal effort. If you are one of these people, you will love Larklife. Using their wristband and mobile app, you can improve your sleep, diet, and exercise plan quickly and efficiently. The wristband acts as a data tracking device, and their app essentially acts as a life coach...[Read More]

Power Bracelet - Is It Really Working?

They're worn by some of the most successful athletes in the world. Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant wears one, and Shaquile O'Neal swears by them. Celebrities wear them too. Trendy wristbands and bracelets that supposedly increase strength, balance, and even improve health....[Read More]

Does Mosquito Wristband Repeller Work as Advertised?

The smell of the wristband close up is nauseating - but it beats the smell of synthetic-chemical sprays. BugBand's active ingredient is geraniol, derived from geraniums (Pelargonium); Viatek contains peppermint, pine and lavender. Although I had better results with a band on my ankle and my wrist, I still got bitten...[Read More]