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Wristbands for Parks & Recreation and YMCAs

for Parks | Wristbands for Recreational Activities
Park and recreation department and YMCAs use our wristbands for a variety of applications. For facilities that have a public swimming pool or water park, controlling access and providing a safe environment are critical. Our waterproof and non-transferable wristbands can be used to identify persons authorized to use the pool. You can even go a step further and use color coding to identify different levels of swimming ability or age group.

Many YMCA centers offer full-time or part-time childcare. Wristbands can be used to identify the children.You can use a permanent marker to write names on each wristband for personal identification.

Another way to identify children and their parents is to use our Securmatch® or Securband Plus® wristbands that have a matching, numbered, tear-off stub. The child wears the numbered wristband and the parent retains the matching numbered stub.Daycare or nursery staff can then verify the numbers match. This same system can be used by having the daycare staff keep a log with the names of each child and their parent(s) and writing the wristband serial number in the log for additional recordkeeping and verification.

Customer favorites for park wristbands:

Vinyl Wristbands (waterproof, ultra durable, locking snap)
Superband® Plastic Wristbands (waterproof, highly secure, locking snap)
Tyvek® Wristbands (economical, short-term)
Tyvek® Expressions Wristbands (colorful pre-printed designs)
Tytan Tabless® Wristbands (no mess design, tab stays on wristband)

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Skate parks have become quite popular and often there is an admission charge. Identify the people who have paid admission and are authorized to use the skate park with our non-transferable wristbands. Rotate colors for different days of the week to keep admissions secure. For example, use red wristbands on Monday and blue wristbands on Tuesday.

If you are hosting a special event or concert in the park, consider wristbands to help provide crowd control and organization. Plus, you can help pay for your wristband program by approaching sponsors and selling advertising space on your custom printed wristbands.

If you offer sports equipment rentals, consider Securband Plus or Securmatch wristbands to act as an easy claim ticket. The wristbands are serial numbered and have a matching tear off stub. You can keep a deposit or the identification of the person who is checking out equipment and apply a wristband to them while you keep the matching tab. Then they have to return the equipment with the wristband to retrieve their deposit or ID on file.