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Wristbands for Camps & Campgrounds

Wristbands for Camps and Campground | Camp Wristbands
The great outdoors are the perfect place to use wristbands for identification of campers and/or camp staff. Wristbands are waterproof, highly visible, and non-transferable. They can be easily seen at a distance to identify authorized campers.

You can use a permanent marker to write campers' names on each wristband for personal identification. Custom printing helps you turn your camp's wristband into a promotional tool and souvenir. Add your logo, sponsors' logos, slogans, dates, etc. Many sponsors will even help pay for your camp wristbands program if you make arrangements with them to print their logo on your wristbands. It's like selling advertising space.

Customer favorites for camp wristbands:

Vinyl Wristbands (waterproof, ultra durable, locking snap)
Superband® Plastic Wristbands (waterproof, highly secure, locking snap)
Tyvek® Wristbands (economical, short-term for day camps)
SureImage® Full-Color Wristbands (high impact, full color to boost your brand)

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Plus, different colored wristbands can be used for a wide variety of applications. Here are several uses for camp wristbands:

  • swimming ability
  • age group
  • camper groups
  • lodging unit
  • special dietary restrictions
  • allergies (food or medical)
  • medication requirements
  • tags for luggage or personal items

Many kids love to keep their wristbands on for bragging rights for weeks and even months. That kind of word of mouth marketing is priceless! Let your campers help boost your promotional efforts by wearing your brand on their wrists.