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Articles, Tips and Information on Wristbands

January Wristbands Specials  

How to Maximize the Benefits of Using Wristbands for Your Events and Activities


Rubber Silicone Wristbands: Great for Events and Promotions


Rubber wristbands are hugely popular in schools and universities. However, they are also used by businesses for a variety of purposes. It might be for a cause, identity or can be used for promotional reasons. Many people buy these wrist bands to create awareness to the fight against cancer, aids and bring light to other important causes....[Read More]


Plastic Wristbands:  Durable and Strong with Benefits


These plastic bands are a fashion accessory for girls, boys,  women and men. They are strong and durable and can be worn without the worry of  tearing-off or slipping away. You will find them in many vibrant colors. All  will love these bands as they will find these vividly colored bands chic,  fashionable and elegant. These attractive bracelets are not only in trend but  can also serve the necessity of event security and identification...[Read More]

Expand your Creativity with Rubber Silicone Wristbands


Customizable rubber /silicone wristbands can be a great  business tool, but they’re also an opportunity for you to be creative.  Here, we’ve listed just a few ideas for you  to use wristbands in a creative way...[Read More]

Learn More About Custom Wristbands - The Benefits of Wristbands


Customizable rubber wristbands have four key benefits for you as the leader of an organization, group, or school: event promotion, fundraising, advertising, and business branding...[Read More]

Do You Know  Color of Wristbands Says About You?


Color is the most impactful element to consider when designing your wristbands. Whether you are looking for a barely-there whisper of color or a bold combination of vibrant hues, the element of color will transform your overall theme and perception. Color Choice tells a lot about a personality. In fact, color goes hand in hand with who you are and what attracts you. See what the experts say about  you with your wristbands color choices...[Read More]


Use Rubber Wristbands to Deliver Your Advertising Messages


Feeling like your advertising campaign is going nowhere? Maybe you paid a professional advertising company to optimize your web site and create interactive advertisements for you, but your product, service or event just isn’t getting the publicity it needs and deserves. Now, you’re probably looking for a smart, cheap way to boost enthusiasm about your advertising service without having to spend much more time and money...[Read More]


Custom Rubber Wristbands are The Preferred  Marketing Tools for Businesses


In recent years, the market for custom rubber wristbands has exploded, with bracelets of just about every color under the sun to represent myriad causes and beliefs. People have used them to promote bands,schools organizations, businesses and many other things. ...[Read More]

Custom Wristbands for All Events, Venues and Purposes


If you are wondering where to get  wristbands that are the most economical, Tyvek® wristbands are the answer. Tyvek®  wristbands are perfect for events that don't last very long...[Read More]


Custom Rubber Wristbands for Fundraising Events


Custom rubber wristbands have several natural assets that make them great school fundraising projects. For starters, they are inexpensive enough that students can afford them. They are fun to wear and they appeal to school spirit and pride. They help foster a sense of involvement and commitment to the fundraising cause...[Read More]


Silicone Wristbands Helped Japan's Tsunami Relief Efforts


Admittedly, sales of Lady Gaga’s silicone wristbands were boosted in part not just by the desire to help Japan, but also by her celebrity status. Yet even non-celebrities find silicone wristbands a remarkably fast way to raise enough money to make a significant contribution to worthy causes...[Read More]


Maximizing Custom Wristbands for High Tech Cellular Phones


Individuals with newer phones can scan the QR codes contain data, offers, and freebies that can be accessed on the go and often exclusively. These QR codes, or fast response codes, are the next level of marketing and advertising and can be employed to provide practically anything at all by any organization interested in tapping into the mobile industry...[Read More]


How to Make Custom Wristbands—Step by Step


Events run more efficiently when guests wear custom wristbands. Not only do they boost security and sales, but custom wristbands can also help build brand awareness and customer loyalty. ....[Read More]


Why Kids and Teens Love Debossed Silicone Wristbands


When it comes to fashion, teenagers determine what is trendy and what has become passé. If you’ve ever been curious as to what today’s hottest fads are, visit a local high school or college campus and take a look at what the young people there are wearing. While some trends fade out after a season or two, others – like debossed silicone wristbands – don’t seem to be going anywhere. ....[Read More]

Silicone Wristbands are Hot


Silicone wristbands are hot not only because they are trendy and a popular way to get your message out, but they are also very durable. They can be worn time and again because they are made from durable silicone material. Because they’re waterproof, they are perfect for water parks, swim clubs, and other business involving water...[Read More]


Using Wristbands for Identification and Ticket Lost Prevention


When you are  looking forward to an event, such as a live concert, group tour of a city,  after race party, or whatever the event may be, nothing is more disheartening  than losing a ticket. It’s easy to do. Ticket stubs can blow away with a gust  of wind. You might be able to get back into the event—if you have the right  paper work or credit card on hand...[Read More]


Protect Children with Kids ID Wristbands


Nothing is scarier  than that moment you turn around and your child is gone. Whether at the store,  an amusement park, a baseball game, a museum, anywhere. The same is true for  kids. Certainly, we can all take ourselves back to childhood and remember an  instant when we looked up and the person we thought was mom and dad turned out  to be a stranger. Fear and panic quickly ensued. Our doe eyes welled up with  tears. Where's mommy? Where's daddy?  One way to help  protect kids, while simultaneously empowering them, is through the use of  secure child ID wristbands. Beyond the peace of mind that they provide for  parents, kids ID wristbands are an easy, inexpensive way to help improve child  safety and reunite lost children with mom and dad or guardians ....[Read More]

Bling Bling - Bright Exotic Metallic Wristbands for VIP Events


Using a variety of colors to designate various groups of people among your guests is extremely helpful to staff. Perhaps a silver holographic wristband indicates guests aged 21 and older. This eliminates the hassle of guests having to pull out their ID every time they head to the bar for a drink. Maybe some guests have backstage passes to meet the entertainer. Those guests could be wearing red holographic wristbands. ....[Read More]


Identifying 21 and Over Patrons with Bar Wristbands


If you want to increase spending, bar wristbands are the way to go. Whether patrons are bellied up to the bar being served by a bartender or seated at a table with an assigned server, the bar staff doesn't have to spend time checking IDs. As flattering as it is to get carded the further away people get from age 21, digging for IDs in a purse or a wallet is a time-consuming distraction. People go to bars to relax, chill out and enjoy some good conversation with their friends ....[Read More]


QR Codes Make Wristbands an Interactive Marketing Tool


If you want to go beyond advertising and branding, QR codes are an effective way to encourage people to participate in an activity or take action. QR stands for "quick response". ....[Read More]


Wristbands - A Symbol of Hope


Cancer wristbands made their first appearance in 2004 when Lance Armstrong debuted the now infamous yellow LIVESTRONG cancer wristbands. These wristbands served—and still serve—as a symbol of hope and shed light on the fight against testicular cancer....[Read More]


We Have All Kinds of Wristbands for Your Business or Event


Silicone wristbands are our newest offering. When you select this material, you can design your own bands with personalized artwork and messages. Our choices of silicone bands include embossed styles, debossed styles, and screen printed bands...[Read More]


Why Resorts are Using Wristbands Instead of Tickets Stubs


More and more all-inclusive resorts are providing all-in-one wristbands for guests to wear comfortably around their wrists during their stay. Constructed of multi-layered vinyl for unbeatable strength, durability, and comfort, Vinyl Wristbands are ideal for multi-day stays at all-inclusive resorts. Vinyl Wristbands are non-transferable and highly visible identification that offer numerous benefits to guests and personnel alike. Here are just a few of the perks that Vinyl Wristbands provide. ....[Read More]


Admission Wristbands: A Simple Idea with a Whole Lot of Uses


With admission wristbands, crowd control is made easy. Admission wristbands enable staff to spot uninvited guests by just glancing at the wrist. Nobody wants party crashers to pop in and mooch food and drink from all the guests who actually paid. For large events, there may be different levels of access, including general admission, VIPs, staff, volunteers, performers, or other special groups of guests. Admission wristbands come in a wide variety of colors, so color coding can be used to differentiate the various access levels...[Read More]


How to Make High-Demand Ticket Sales with Custom Wristbands


Some tickets can be hard to come by. People will stand in line for a painstaking number of hours at a chance to get a ticket. Some people may even set up camp and snuggle up in sleeping bags overnight. They make an event out of purchasing tickets...[Read More]


Benefit from the Convenience of Pre-printed Wristbands


If you are looking for a convenient, fun way to boost security for a party or event, stock design wristbands are excellent, low cost options. No matter what the theme, there is a design that will suit it. Everything from animal prints to holiday art to sports graphics and charity logos. ....[Read More]


How to Use Wristbands for Alcohol Age Verification


Unfortunately, there are the occasions when too many drinks can lead to unwanted behavior: belligerence, maybe even violence. Whether hosting an event, organizing a beer or wine festival or running a bar, you want your guests to have a good time and not have to deal with another patron getting out of control. Wristbands for bars offer an effective way to monitor guests and control alcohol consumptions....[Read More]


Amp Up Security for Celebrity Events with Custom Wristbands


When it comes to celebrity events, security is a high concern for everyone in the venue—the venue staff, the celebrity staff, the fans, and, of course, the celebrity. Custom printed wristbands are an excellent way to provide extra security...[Read More]

Tabless Wristbands for Litter Free Venues

Keeping venues clean and litter free is definitely a challenge. No matter what the event, when masses of people file through hallways and stairways, can make it difficult for cleaning staff to keep tidy...[Read More]

Colorful Wristbands Add a Fun Twist to Children’s Safety at School Events, Trips, and Activities

Field trips are fun for kids, but can be worrisome for adults. Of course, we want our children to learn and experience as much as possible, but we also want to keep them safehen adults are put in charge of a large group of kids being set loose into the world of a museum, activity center, zoo...[Read More]

Top Six Reasons to Use Tyvek Wristbands for Your Next Event

Planning events can be stressful. One of the biggest goals is to ensure that everyone has a great time. Something as simple as Tyvek wristbands can actually help you host a well-organized, smooth-running event. ...[Read More]

Endless Uses for Custom Event Wristbands

Distinguishing various sectors of people at an event is helpful from a security standpoint. Imprinting text, such as “VIP” or “STAFF” enables Security and other staff to ensure that nobody is lost or in an unauthorized area. Distinguishing various groups of people with varying authorization levels eases the jobs of security staff. They can quickly identify other staff members, VIP's and other ticket holders. ...[Read More]

How to Use Wristbands to Promote Your Events

If you are looking for a new and unique way to promote your company or an upcoming event, wristbands are a highly effective and economical strategy to use for spreading the word...[Read More]

Identify the Group at Day Trips with Group ID Wristbands

Whether it’s a group of adults or young students who are out and about on a day trip, identification wristbands are an economical way to keep track of everyone. Safety is a big concern—no matter what the size or age of a group....[Read More]


The Trendiest Club Wristbands of 2012

Using wristbands is definitely a great strategy for keeping a nightclub running smoothly and ensuring guests are having the time of their life. When people go out to a club, they are sure to be looking their best...[Read More]

Heighten Security and Brand Awareness at Concerts

Concerts are a fun form of entertainment that can attract crowds of people. One way to keep all those people in check is with concert wristbands. The advantages of concert wristbands are endless...[Read More]


Festival Wristbands Help Control Access

Controlling access is an important step for safety and protecting revenue. Many festivals charge admission. For those that do, festival wristbands can help identify patrons...[Read More]

Customizable Wristbands Are Effective Promotional Tools


If you're looking for a fun, effective way to promote an event, festival, concert, night club, or similar business, customizable wristbands might just be what you're looking for...[Read More]


Day Care  Child Identification Wristbands

There are as many reasons why people take their children to day care as there are children who attend day care. Many working parents don't have a choice. Some parents enroll their children to prepare them for elementary school. They want their child to develop social skills and learning skills. Placing one's child in the care of another person is a risk. Nothing matters more to a parent than their child's safety, security and health. Kids wristbands can help keep kids safe. ...[Read More]

Top 5 Reasons Kids Love Wristbands

It's no mystery that kids love to wearwristbands. It never ceases to amaze me how excited kids get when they see all the bright colors and fun designs. They start grabbing for top choices and squabbling over monkey designs, happy faces, and rainbows...[Read More]


Helpful Tips for Choosing Custom Wrist Bands for Staff

One of the challenges for special events, fairs, and festivals is that they have to manage a large number of temporary staffers and volunteers. It’s important to identifythe authorized staff and volunteers...[Read More]


Why Awareness Wristbands Trend Isn't Slowing Down

These days everyone is familiar with Awareness Wristbands. You’ve seen friends, family, and many other people wearing a variety of colored bracelets with phrases such as “Live Strong,” “Autism Speaks,” “Stop Bullying,” and the controversial “I Love Boobies” emblazoned...[Read More]


Club Wristbands: Cool to Wear, Hot for Business

Club wristbands are an effective tool that can help enforce security, increase sales and build branding—with a bit of flair! Club wristbands are stretch-resistant with a locking plastic snap to prevent transfer from one person to another. They are also water-resistant so clubbers can dance—and sweat—the night away. Club wristbands come in a wide variety of shimmering styles...[Read More]


Evolving Technology in the Wristband Industry

Technology is continuously evolving—even in the wristband industry. You can now get recognition technology, such as bar codes, quick response (QR) codes and Microsoft tags custom printed on wristbands. QR Code Wristbands can enhance the guest experience of any event, and there are a multitude of ways to put them to use to promote your company. First, what is a QR code?...[Read More]


Bright Color Wristbands Are Highly Visible

When it comes to planning events and parties,  one key to a smooth-running event is wristbands. Tyvek wristbands are  inexpensive and can be the final touch to ensuring a successful, well-organized  event. After all, the main priority when throwing a party or event is that  every guest can easily get in and has a great time....[Read More]