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January Wristbands Specials is owned and operated by Precision Dynamics Corporation, the leading, global manufacturer of identification wristbands since 1956. As a global organization, we have manufacturing facilities and offices in San Fernando, California; Burr Ridge, Illinois; Port Orange, Florida; Tijuana, Mexico; and Nivelles, Belgium.

Ever wonder how wristbands for crowd control and admissions got started? Well, just ask Dr. Robin Barber, Vice President of Leisure & Entertainment at Precision Dynamics. He recalls, “I was working in sales in 1972 and we got a call from the Reno Air Show. They wanted to use our hospital ID bands to identify their attendees. They asked if we could make the bands in different colors so they could identify their different groups. From that point on, we started calling on venues that hosted special events thousands of attendees and the market was created.”

Our product lines started with hospital bands and expanded in the past forty years to include more than 50 wristband styles, 20+ colors, and 100+ designs created solely for leisure and entertainment venues. Our customers have included The Olympics, Tour de France, Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon, Disneyland, MTV, Apple, Microsoft, The Academy Awards, and many, many more.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose
  1. Get expert advice from the wristbands leader for over 50 years
  2. Find the widest selection of event wristbands at your fingertips.
  3. Get the right products delivered on time, every time…Guaranteed!
  4. Experience superior service and satisfaction
  5. Save time and money with safe and secure online ordering
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  10. Precision Dynamics is an ISO-certified company, which means our products and services are held to the highest quality standards

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver quality wristbands at competitive prices on time, every time to keep our customers coming back for more.