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Evolving Technology in the Wristband Industry

Valencia, CA (Aug 01. 10, 2012)


Technology  is continuously evolving—even in the wristband industry. You can now get recognition  technology, such as bar codes, quick response (QR) codes and Microsoft tags custom  printed on wristbands. QR Code Wristbands can enhance the guest experience of  any event, and there are a multitude of ways to put them to use to promote your  company. First, what is a QR code?
QR codes are a type of recognition technology, similar to bar  codes and Microsoft tags. QR codes are black and white, two-dimensional bar  codes. When they are scanned or read with an iPhone, Android or other  camera-enabled Smart phone, a number of different functions can be activated to  engage your guest, such as:

  • Go to your organization's website
  • Call your organization's 800 number
  • Download digital content
  • Promote your organization through social networking

Learning more about your organization is super convenient with QR Code  Wristbands because guests no longer need to type a long URL, send a text  message, or perform web searches to dig up information about your organization.  Instead, they just scan the QR code on their wrist!

  QR Code Wristbands provide incentive for your guests to take  action. Let's say you're hosting a charity event and when guests enter, they  are given QR Code Wristbands to wear. They can scan the QR code then and there  with their Smart phone. Perhaps it takes them to a donation website page. After  making their own donation, they can "check-in" on Facebook and/or  FourSquare with a link to the donation page and encourage their friends to  contribute to your great cause.

  QR Code Wristbands can offer exclusive  discounts. Maybe all guests at the grand opening of a beauty salon will receive  exclusive discounts on a posh new line of hair products. The QR code could also  link to an invitation to opt in to the salon's monthly newsletter to receive generous  discounts on hair treatments, facials or makeovers.

  If you're having a yearly corporate meeting, QR  Code Wristbands could link to prizes. Maybe a few employees are the lucky  recipients of QR Code Wristbands that link to the grand prize of two tickets to  a professional home team basketball game, while a small handful of employees  get 50% off coupons at a local electronics store. And, finally, a large handful  of employees win a free lunch at a favorite local restaurant.
  QR Code Wristbands are a fun way to entertain  guests—even after your event is over. If the QR code printed on their wristband  goes to your website, you can invite them to do almost anything. Here are some  ideas:

  • Order event merchandise
  • Receive exclusive discounts
  • Opt-in to your newsletter
  • Take your online poll
  • View event schedules
  • Make a donation or pledge
  • Enter your contest
  • Link to your iTunes

Interacting with guests through social media is made easy with QR  Code Wristbands. As mentioned before, guests can "check in" at your  location. They can also be led directly to Facebook or Twitter pages so they  can "like" or follow your business to stay informed about your next  events or other hot happenings. QR codes can also lead new fans to your YouTube  videos.

  Distributing QR Code Wristbands provides an easy means for guests  to stay connected to you. The QR code can dial your 800# or create a business contact  listing on their phone for quick access. Guests can be invited to sign up for  text alerts, making it easy for you to keep them up-to-date. You can also offer  them freebies to download like music, images, wallpaper and music. Guests will  continuously be reminded of your business in a positive light!

  QR Code Wristbands offer a savvy and high tech marketing solution  for your business. QR codes enable you to connect directly with guests on a  one-to-one basis, giving them incentives and offers. Building a positive  relationship, you can create raving fans who will happily promote your business  via social networking. QR Code Wristbands are a fantastic way to stretch your  advertising and marketing dollars!

  QR Codes are widely used and can be read by a large number of  mobile apps. Since they are fast, easy and FREE to set up, you can't go wrong!  Here is how to quickly create your QR wristbands: