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Bling Bling - Bright Exotic Metallic Wristbands for VIP Events

Valencia, CA (July 28. 10, 2012)


The  two biggest concerns when it comes to VIP events are planning and security.  And, when you have a guest list filled with VIPs, you also want to add a bit of  flair to the event. Holographic wristbands are a stylish and fun way to help  keep your VIP event running smoothly and assist with security. Whether planning  a corporate event at a casino or a homecoming dance at a high rise hotel, holographic  wristbands are a simple way to keep track of guests, staff, and entertainers.

  Security  at a VIP event is a great concern. By using holographic wristbands, guests  can't just slip their friends a "ticket" to get into your VIP event. Holographic  wristbands have a locking snap, which makes them completely non-transferable. Scissors  are needed to remove them. For greater security, you can arrange to have greeters  put the holographic wristbands on your guests upon arrival. By doing so, guests  are not able to adjust the size themselves, making it too big so they could  slip it off easily to pass around. Holographic wristbands also make party  crashers easy to spot. Without these "moochers" around, you can  protect your revenue.

  Holographic  wristbands come in a variety of colors with a metallic finish—from silver or  gold to purple or green and everything in between. With that, you can designate  colors to indicate different groups of people: guests, staff, performers, and  even age groups. For your guests, holographic wristbands offer a practically  endless list of benefits. For one, they can come and go worry-free. Unlike a  stamp, which may wash off, holographic wristbands are secured on the wrist.
  Using  a variety of colors to designate various groups of people among your guests is  extremely helpful to staff. Perhaps a silver holographic wristband indicates  guests aged 21 and older. This eliminates the hassle of guests having to pull  out their ID every time they head to the bar for a drink. Maybe some guests  have backstage passes to meet the entertainer. Those guests could be wearing  red holographic wristbands.

  You  may also want staff members working at your VIP event to wear a specific  color-designated holographic wristband. Everyone from waiters to sound and  equipment engineers can easily be identified for admittance to authorized  areas, back stage and security.

  If  your VIP event includes entertainment, color-designated holographic wristbands  can help identify performers and their staff—enabling them to set up and take  down the stage more efficiently. With a quick glimpse, VIP event staff members can  identify and distinguish performers from guests.

  Holographic  wristbands can definitely help keep your VIP event t running smoothly. Another  great way to put the wristbands to use is branding. You can really enhance the  image of your company by imprinting its logo, and maybe even a sponsor's logo,  onto holographic wristbands. Guests will easily be able to identify who is  throwing the event and associate your company with the great time they are having.

  The  word-of-mouth advertising isn't too shabby either. Let's say your VIP event is  being held at a large hotel where there is high-volume traffic. Along with your  VIP event, there are several meetings and other events happening. Plus, hotel  guests are coming and going. When any of your guests step away from your VIP  event, they become a walking advertisement. The company logo is jumping at  every person they encounter and conversations are sure to be had.

  By  custom printing on holographic wristbands, guests become even more identifiable  to the security staff, which allows for easy detection of counterfeits. You  certainly wouldn’t want anyone to be able to pick up a pack of wristbands at  their local party supply store and be able to obtain entry into your VIP event. Custom printed wristbands ensure the safety of your guests and the legitimacy  of your event. To further enhance security, holographic wristbands can be  customized not only with the company logo on the outside, but also backside  printing with the VIP event dates.

  Holographic  wristbands enable you to enforce security at your VIP event. If you custom  print your company logo, you will not only enhance security, but also promote  your company. Your guests will feel secure, welcome and special when their  glittering, metallic wristband is placed around their wrist. They are sure to  have a good time and associate your company with the great memories.